Thousands of times every day, scenarios like these play out on university campuses across the country. A Christian student:

Sits in a classroom, and is forced again to endure a tirade against Christians by a professor who accuses them of irrational and dangerous beliefs.

Is required to write a paper, wishes that she could give a credible presentation of a Christian view, but will more likely capitulate to the classroom consensus and its hostility to Christian faith.

Has an opportunity to give a class presentation and would love to include Christian perspectives, but has no resources to help him.

Lies on her dorm room bed and questions whether the Christian faith she grew up with can really be true, when she is faced daily with objections and challenges for which she has no answers.

Pastors and campus ministers play a very important role in the lives of university students, but often are under-equipped to deal with the challenges they face in their classrooms. This is where Centers for Christian Study can help!

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Centers for Christian Study are learning communities strategically located next to university campuses. Centers include undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, and local men and women who want to engage the mainstream academy with Christian perspectives in scholarship, and do it in the context of intentional community.

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