University Ministries

April 2017 marked a new chapter in the story of our ministry.  We have changed our name to University Ministries.  Centers for Christian Study International is a program in one of three ministry divisions.  Actually, this isn’t a dramatic change. We are simply re-organizing and re-branding what we have been doing and hope to do in the future.

University Ministries will still look for opportunities to establish Study Centers in university communities.  It’s just that we’ve always done more than that.  If you know something of our story, you know that we’ve also created, developed, and managed Christian residential communities adjacent to major universities.  And we have provided counseling, life-coaching, and leadership development to students and ministry leaders.

The mission of CCSI was always a mouth-full: “To establish and maintain Christian study centers adjacent to major research institutions in the United States and abroad for the purpose of engaging the university community in serious thinking and discussion of the Christian worldview and all of its implications for life and thought.”  Whew!

As much as we love Study Centers, they are a means to another, far greater end. What we want more than anything is to influence university students and faculty for Christ, pointing them to him, and seeking to champion, promote, nurture, and cultivate a life of discipleship to him.

We’ve changed our mission statement.  Now it is:  “to inspire and nurture a thoughtful pursuit of Christ one student, one professor, one university at a time.” All three of our ministry divisions are devoted to this mission.  This is a much better fit for the fruitful ministry God has given us over the years, and a matrix from which other possibilities may well find life.

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