At its high water mark the Dayspring Centers leased five former Greek houses with 150 students living and learning in Christian community.

With successful prototypes and a vision of influencing university communities across the United States and abroad, Dayspring changed its name to Centers for Christian Study International (CCSI) and the Study Centers in Colorado became the first of what was hoped would be many Study Centers to come.

We had just begun our expansion efforts, however, when a series of calamities struck. Although we had enjoyed long-term leases on the buildings that accommodated our residential communities, and we filled the houses every year, we lost them all: two to a Landlord’s financial crisis and looming bankruptcy; one to a demolition and construction of luxury student apartments, one to a sale to a Greek organization, and one to a lease to a for-profit group.  (We have learned invaluable lessons from this for the acquisition of student housing facilities!)

This led to a profound sense of urgency to call and wait upon the Lord for the disclosure of his plans and purposes for our ministry. Though the process has been painful in many ways, you can see the exciting results of this pause for direction in the remainder of this website.

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