Learning Opportunities

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For twenty-four years the Dayspring Centers in Colorado offered accredited coursework in Christian Studies with transfer credit arrangements to the University of Colorado, and then Colorado State University and the University of Northern Colorado.

As we expand into other states, we will not lead the way with for-credit courses (since working with states and their public institutions is a complex project), but we will gladly pursue opportunities to add this component to a Study Center’s offerings wherever we can!

Study Centers are encouraged to develop non-credit courses in their program offerings.



Throughout the school year our Centers bring scholars, leaders, and others who articulate a Christian vision of the world to challenge, encourage, and inspire followers of Christ in the Academy.

We call our signature conference UniverSanity: How to Go to College Without Losing Your Mind, Your Faith, or Your Character. This is an annual weekend event featuring a keynote speaker and breakout workshops on a variety of topics that are suited to the conference theme.  High school seniors are invited to join university students for this learning opportunity.  Workshops are led by local Christian leaders and Christian faculty.



For eager learners, Study Center staff can direct personal studies through assigned readings and discussion, and a slate of independent study courses.



Whether it is a formal gathering to discuss a book or a chosen topic, or an impromptu meeting and conversation on Christian thought and perspectives, most of a Study Center’s ministry takes place at a table over a meal, or with a cup of coffee or another beverage in hand.

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