UM Associate Faculty

We are committed to help emerging Christian scholars in the contemporary academy.

University Ministries Associate Faculty Members are Christians in universities who are in a Ph.D. program or who have earned a Ph.D. , but do not have the benefit of a full scholarship or a salaried position.  We help these men and women raise financial resources to supplement their income, and they in turn help us fulfill our mission through research, writing, teaching, and relationships with students and faculty.

Consider Susan and Tom:

Susan is a Christian in a Ph.D. program in English Literature with a goal of becoming a university faculty member. University Ministries helps her raise financial support during her Ph.D. years, and she seeks to fulfill the mission of University Ministries in her relationships and endeavors as a doctoral student.

Tom successfully completed his Ph.D. in History at a major research institution, fueled by dreams of being a Christian scholar in a secular university. His university is happy to use him as an adjunct faculty member, but he knows that a salaried position is not within his reach. He becomes a UM Associate Faculty Member, develops a financial support team, and fulfills the mission of University Ministries through his teaching and relational opportunities that naturally come with students and other faculty members.

Could this be you or someone you know? We would love to help!

Candidates for associate faculty must embrace the Essential Statements of University Ministries, and provide examples of their resolve to “Think with a Christian mind and speak with a Christian voice.”

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