Core Values

Christian Tradition. Our commitments are strong, but not sectarian. We welcome a mutually enriching discussion between Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant traditions. We embrace the breadth, depth, and diversity of the historic Christian faith as expressed, for instance, in the ecumenical creeds of the early church, the confessions of the Protestant Reformation, and the spirit of vitality and renewal in evangelical awakenings around the world today. Our salaried faculty and staff share this faith commitment; however, we welcome men and women to participate our programs, classes, ministries, and events without regard to faith commitments.

Intentional Community. We are committed to providing a supportive environment for living and learning. Because learning in community is essential to our understanding of human flourishing and shaping people to be successful in their relationships, professions and service to the world, we are committed to the development of community in everything we do.

Constructive Engagement.  We are committed to rigorous and thoughtful interaction with the brightest and best minds within and outside the Christian tradition. We strive to model a positive and constructive engagement with culture in a diverse academic environment and to pursue a mutually beneficial relationship with the university community.

Academic Excellence. We seek to model, recognize, and encourage high standards of learning and academic achievement.

Character and Influence. We are committed to helping students and professors become certain kinds of people. Our goal is to help them become men and women of character and integrity, with habits and skills that contribute to a life-long pattern of moral excellence, what the ancient world referred to as virtue, and supremely what the New Testament sees as Christlikeness. We are committed to training a generation of men and women whose character, words, and actions influence others in healthy ways.

Service to the World. We seek to harness all of these things to the task of serving others. We believe that the world should be a better place because we have passed through it.

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