Residential Communities

As an integral part of its mission, University Ministries provides Christian residential community to university students. We endeavor to:

  • Offer a welcoming residential community for students who are interested in exploring Christian faith in the context of their collegiate experience.
  • Create a flourishing center of exchange in which a Christian vision of life is discussed, debated, and considered in relation to other viewpoints in the contemporary academy.
  • Provide a safe environment in which residents can explore issues of faith without pressure or intimidation.
  • Offer students opportunities for personal growth through the experience of living and learning together.

Residential commitments include affirming this mission and embracing the following covenant:

“As a resident of a University Ministries Student Community, I will seek to maintain high standards of integrity in every facet of my life. I will treat others with dignity and respect, and respond to those who differ with me with civility and consideration. I will seek to live an exemplary life and cultivate habits of moral excellence. I understand that these commitments are incompatible with explicit immodesty, use of pornography, sexual relations outside of marriage, illegal or immoderate consumption of any alcoholic beverage, any illegal possession or use of a non-prescription or prescription drug, or abuse of legally obtained drugs. I will refrain from the use of tobacco and cannabis products and the storing or consuming of any alcoholic beverage anywhere on the premises.”

Because of the faith-based character of our residential student communities, residents are required to:

  • Affirm The Apostles Creed.
  • Acknowledge that they have read the Essential Statements of University Ministries and their understanding that these commitments shape and govern all residential community policies.

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