A College Crisis

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Rick and Sue Howe

Rick Howe grew up in a Christian home and was thoroughly “churched” through the years. You might think that this would have prepared him for his experience at a major public university and the challenges to Christian faith he would encounter there. It did not. In his own words:

“College was a major turning point in my life.  In the fall of my freshman year I signed up for a slate of general education courses.  I had no idea what I was in for, but I encountered opposition to Christianity in every class I took. I discovered the painful truth that not only did I not have answers, I didn’t even know the questions.

“The challenges seemed to come from every class: cultural relativism in sociology; behaviorism in psychology, evolution in biology; Jesus-the-myth and all-religions-are-the-same in religious studies; the problem of evil in philosophy.

“Just three months into my university experience I dropped out – lost, confused, and angry at my church for hiding these issues from me.  I embraced my own version of Cartesian skepticism, doubting everything except what I thought I had good reason to believe.  The starting point of my intellectual quest was mere theism: belief in a Creator who envisioned our universe and brought it into being.  Everything else about the Christian faith that I had been taught, I doubted or rejected.”

To read the rest of Rick’s story, how it eventually led to a unique and fruitful ministry at the University of Colorado, and its influence in shaping CCSI and University Ministries, visit his website: www.rickhowe.org.  You can also follow him on Facebook at Rick Howe on Joy and on Twitter @rickhoweonjoy.

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