“Most Christians only bemoan the crisis in the universities; CCSI is doing something about it at the point where the challenges are stiffest and the opportunities greatest. They deserve our enthusiastic support. They have mine.”

Dr. Os Guinness
Senior Fellow, The Trinity Forum

“I believe the single, most important type of college ministry needed today is one like CCSI. CCSI combines a faithful commitment to evangelical Christian doctrine with a passion for spiritual life and a deep commitment to the intellectual life. I am thankful to God and to CCSI’s leadership for raising up this strategic work.”

J.P. Moreland, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology

“CCSI carries the battle for understanding of life and reality into the context where it is genuinely being fought — not just the campus, but the classroom. Their people stand up on matters of intellectual content and convey the knowledge that makes up the Christian tradition and competes today with the illusions sometimes passed off as ‘knowledge’ or the ‘latest findings.’ This is what Christ would do today and would have us do. Here the minds, lives, and possibly souls of multitudes of people are to be saved or lost. But almost nobody is doing it. What a tragedy! CCSI stands in the gap!”

Dallas Willard, Ph.D.
Late Professor of Philosophy, University of Southern California

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